Son of Taliban Chief Justice calls on Muslims to end Western systems of government

Published On: May 13, 2023Categories: Fact Check, Uncategorized

Mawlawi Abdul Ghani Maiwandi, the son of Taliban Chief Justice Abdul Hakim Haqqani, has called for the overthrow of the West’s republic and democratic systems of government, referring to them as the creation of infidels (non-Muslims). 

In a tweet, Maiwandi urged Muslims worldwide to establish their own systems based on Islam. “All Islamic countries should build their own Islamic systems and strive to put an end to Western systems,” he said in [Pashto language] via his Twitter account.

Maiwandi, who has censored his face on Twitter, previously served as a judicial director of plan and policy. He has written two books on Knowledge of Logic and Eternal Life. 

His father, Mawlawi Abdul Hakim Haqqani, is a close associate of the Taliban’s leader, Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada, and plays a key role in many of the group’s restrictions on women, including banning girls’ education and women from working for NGOs. Haqqani’s book on Islamic Systems claims that women are deficient in intellect and faith, and should remain at home, covered, and away from the public eye.

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