Is the Second Bridge of Nangarhar Province’s Behsud District Falling into Disrepair?

Published On: May 31, 2023Categories: Fact Check

Amu TV broadcasted a report on May 29 with incorrect and misleading information, including the following:

  1. The report says the second bridge of Behsud district in Nangarhar province is in a state of  disrepair to the point of not being viable.
  2. That engineers have complained about the construction method of this bridge.
  3. The bridge’s resistance for vehicle traffic is decreasing day by day.
  4. Proof of the claims were based on interviews with residents of Nangarhar province and drivers who use the bridge.
  5. The reporter says that Taliban officials in Nangarhar also question the viability of the bridge  due to disrepair.
  6. In the Persian version of this report, the word “citizen” has been used instead of “resident.”


This Amu TV report is full of unproven claims and has used unreliable sources and misleading information to substantiate these claims.

  1. The report fails to mention its sources for the initial claim of the bridge’s disrepair and viability.
  2. No engineers were interviewed or quoted in the report to back up the claim that engineers have complained about it.
  3. The sources provided are residents of Nangarhar and drivers, but these people cannot provide an expert opinion on the engineering of a large bridge. It should be the road engineers who provide their opinions after a thorough examination.
  4. The resistance of all structures decreases over time, but this report implies that the resistance of this bridge has decreased prematurely. The report does not mention which device was used to measure the bridge’s resistance.
  5. The reporter states that the Taliban officials also confirm the risk of the bridge’s viability. However, the head of public work in this report states that they are investigating people’s concerns, and engineers will closely examine the issue to identify the problem.
  6. The use of the term “citizen” in this report is incorrect. The term “resident” should be used instead.


Technical matters should not be decided by individuals who lack expertise such as residents and drivers. This story needed at least one professional engineer to back up the claims made that the bridge is facing viability.

Chalawsaf has not verified or confirmed the construction quality of the bridge and has only fact-checked misleading and incorrect information in this report.

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