Is there only one stone engraver left in Herat?

Published On: May 31, 2023Categories: Fact Check

“Hasht-e Sobh” newspaper has claimed in a report on 27 May that there is only one stone engraver in Herat who is striving to keep this art alive.

In this report, only this stone engraver has been interviewed.

The reporter says that this man is the last stone engraver in Herat, based on the man himself saying he thinks he is the only engraver although he is not certain.


Other journalists and officials from the (Taliban?) information and culture department in Herat consider this claim as incorrect and say that several other stone engravers are also active in the province.


The newspaper may have written this news to make it more interesting to tell a story about the last engraver in Herat, implying that no other engravers exist. Therefore, this report is misleading and incorrect. The newspaper based the story on the individual’s claim and did not verify it.

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