Concern Over Taliban Ban on Afghan Women Working for UN

Published On: April 13, 2023Categories: Fact Check, Uncategorized

According to the spokesperson for the Taliban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Japanese ambassador to Kabul expressed Japan’s willingness to engage with Afghan officials during his meeting with the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban, despite differences in opinions. Some media outlets, such as Pajhwok News Agency, have also based their top lines on the spokesperson’s statement.

However, the Japanese Embassy clarified on its Twitter account that Ambassador Okada expressed his deep concern about the recent decision by the Taliban to ban Afghan women from working for the UN during the meeting: “Amb. Okada expressed deep concern on the recent instruction banning Afghan women from working for the UN and urged DFA to reverse the decision.”

The Taliban Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson has not addressed these concerns, but the Japanese Embassy in Kabul added further information to the spokesperson’s tweet, stating that during the meeting, Ambassador Okada pressed for the resumption of girls’ education.

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