Misleading Photo: No Evidence of Hercules Statue Found in Afghanistan

Published On: June 17, 2023Categories: Fact Check

Afghanistan International has stated that a rare stone statue of Afghan origin has been discovered in the
port of Seattle, Washington.
Afghanistan International has sourced the news based on the US Times Post website, however, the image
posted by Afghanistan International is not original.

Fact Check:
The US Times Post published photos of this rare discovery along with photos of the Buddha figure. The
image of the ancient Roman statue of Hercules (27BC to AD476) posted by Afghanistan International,
was first published by Reuters in early February 2023.
Based on the report by the Reuters news agency, the life-size stone statue of Hercules was found during a
sewer repair in Rome, Italy.
Photos published by Afghanistan International depict Heracles wearing the Nemean lion’s skin as a cloak.
Comparing to the two reports by US Times Post and Reuters the photos published by Afghanistan
International proved to be incorrect.

Sculpting in South Asia:
South Asia witnessed the art of sculpture with the arrival of Alexander the Great. There are no signs of
this art prior to Alexander’s conquest in South Asia including India. All sculpture discoveries in the
region date back to the Buddhist period.
Thus far, no signs of ancient Roman figures carved in today’s Afghanistan exist.
Afghanistan International
US Times Post
Reuters news agency

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