Miraculous Resurrection: Afghan Singer Hassiba Nouri Releases Video Shattering False Reports of Her Death

Published On: July 17, 2023Categories: Fact Check

Renowned Afghan singer Hassiba Nouri has released a video of herself alive and well in order to debunk news reports from multiple Afghan media outlets that she had been murdered.

Media outlets including Etilaatroz newspaper, Amu TV, among others reported on July 16 that Ms Nouri had been killed by unknown assailants, citing “verified” sources and giving a location for the incident as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Pakistani authorities promptly initiated an investigation into the alleged crime, as reported by Amu TV.

Ms Nouri released a heartfelt video on Monday July 17 to dispel the false reports. She explains in the video that she had, in fact, suffered injuries in a traffic accident, and attributed the misreporting to the media’s manipulation of her image.

Overwhelmed with sadness, Ms Nouri criticized those responsible for disseminating the incorrect news, urging the media to exercise greater caution in such reporting and to improve their verification methods before sharing information with the public.

Speaking with Chalawsaf, Ms Nouri said the reports caused a lot of pain and stress for her family.

“Those who spread this false news are responsible for this,” she said, adding that their behaviour was hateful.

The resilient artist showcased her strength and resilience in presenting the video, which also served as an important reminder of the need for responsible journalism and accurate reporting.

Etilaatroz has since removed the fake news from its online platforms.

The journalistic community, especially the diligent efforts of Pakistani reporters like Eftikhar Firdous, played a pivotal role in uncovering the fallacy.

It’s an important lesson for media organizations about fact-checking and journalistic integrity, seeing the profound impact that false news can have on the lives of individuals.

Ms Nouri’s resilience and message served as a crucial moment to cherish the work of good journalism with a new appreciation for the truth and to recommit to responsible and accurate reporting.

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